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Get a Solution that
Fits Your Business Needs

Let BriVge help you make better informed decisions with data driven insights 

1 Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

Leverage on real-time data-driven insights from connected systems across the supply chain to facilitate prompt decision-making, thereby minimizing disruptions and production delays.

2 One-stop Supply Chain Management Solution

Easily manage orders, inventory and service delivery on a single platform. Save the hassle of accessing multiple systems with a fully integrated solution that combines your external & in-house data sources.

3 Deep Domain Expertise & Extensive Industry Knowledge

With vast data access and experience in both domestic and international trade & over 50 years of experience in the supply chain industry combined, the team at BriVge is here to assist you with your needs.

4 Cost Effective User-Friendly Platform

Deploy the right technology at the right time with our modular cloud-based platform. BriVge is an adaptable solution that allows for the flexibility to scale depending on your needs, ensuring that resources are used efficiently without wasting valuable time or money.


AI Powered Supply Chain Management Platform
developed by Toyota Tsusho

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