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BriVge Vision and Mission
BriVge Logo - Powered by Toyota Tsusho

We seek to bridge the digital divide in the manufacturing industry — driving digitalization initiatives 

in supply chain management to accelerate our stakeholders' business growth while they focus on expanding their operational expertise. 

We're experts of supply chain management, and we aim to spur deeper collaborative relations between our stakeholders on a common digital platform

– facilitating communication, creating effortless visualization and efficient supply chain operations.

Our Vision

Our Mission

BriVge Value Proposition
BriVge Logo - Powered by Toyota Tsusho
BriVge value proposition

Value Proposition

Digital Platform

Connect various entities and providing visibility of movement in the supply chain at any location & time

Automation of manual processes and integration of the supply chain network allows one to easily manage orders, inventory and service delivery on a single platform

Greater Variety of Logistics and Financial Services

Our clients can enjoy a range of affordable consolidated logistic services, interest rate, exchange rate and insurance onboard the platform

Big Data Analytics

Data consolidated on the platform can be used to understand and analyze problems in the supply chain, allowing our clients to derive solutions to optimize their supply chain and create new values

BriVge Digital Platform Business Applications
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Business Application

Inventory Planning

With stock status visualization & aging reports, our clients are able to better understand their demand and supply volatility, allowing them to plan & optimize their inventory to prevent line stoppage and stock shortages.

Business Solutions

Integrated data provides our clients with insights on their profit & losses, as well as aid in forex hedging to increase surplus/decrease deficit caused by trading international goods, thereby facilitating business decisions to be made.


Enhanced visibility of E2E logistics and data insights on logistics consolidation, cost & sourcing management, our clients can achieve greater efficiency & cost savings.

Compliance & Risk

Clients gain visibility of customers’ & vendors’ credit ratings and standardized risk assessment to better identify each stakeholders’ financial health, thereby facilitating their business decision-making process

Information Management

One-Stop Portal with essential sales functions consolidated for our clients to manage sales orders efficiently and manage any necessary billings and claim matters.

Digital Applications

Information is presented on dashboards on a digital platform for easy access & viewing of important information that facilitates business decision anytime, anywhere, thereby reducing communication costs.

BriVge Digital Platform Business Application
Toyota Tsusho Corporation Background
BriVge Logo - Powered by Toyota Tsusho

Toyota Tsusho Corporation , a member of the Toyota Group, has a worldwide presence through its many subsidiaries and operating divisions, including over 150 offices, and 900 subsidiaries and affiliates around the world.


With vast data access and experience in both domestic and international trade, we provide products and solutions – including data on political economics and regions, our global logistics network, various financial services, as well as risk management – to cater to our clients needs.

Toyota Tsusho global presence

Our Partners

Toyota Tsusho partners

Toyota Tsusho Thailand Co. Ltd

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