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Inventory Management Tool (Lite)

Below is a mockup of our inventory management tool, designed to help businesses visualize and understand their inventory levels.

For each part, there are pre-set Stock Alert* Settings. 

*These alerts , measured by stock days, can be changed in our inventory management tool based on your business needs.
Try it out!

  • Toggle between different parts information using the button at the top-left corner.

  • Adjust the various Customer Usage, Planned Arrival from Supplier and Planned Delivery to Customer data (measured in pieces) below to simulate different scenarios.

  • Observe its impact on inventory levels in the Weekly Rundown Simulation table & Daily Rundown Simulation graph (measured in stock days)

  • Click the Delay Inbound to button in the Daily Rundown Simulation graph to simulate the impact of a delay.

Interested to find out more about Inventory Management? Contact us today!

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