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Hear more about how BriVge has helped corporates automate their operations and give business owners transparency and accountability into their businesses.

How BriVge help achieve overall cost savings of
USD 30,000 per year

“Overall, the adoption of BriVge has resulted in
improved flow of information between the various functional groups resulting in a positive outcome and better supply chain management operations.”

Improved visibility into entire Supply Chain  Operations . Monitor inventory effectively.

Reduced monthly manpower costs by 30 hours & achieve supply chain excellence.

Overcome supply chain issues with supply chain analytics.

 Successfully reduced frequency of urgent air freight shipments to zero.

Business Challenges

1. Open Purchase Orders were manually calculated and managed on spreadsheets

2. Limited ability to track stock quantity on hand in real-time throughout the month, relying solely on end-of-month stock taking

3. Manually track, monitor and calculate all incoming cargo via Excel based on targeted lead time

BriVge Solutions

Order, Invoice & Delivery Management

Automatically calculate orders based on customer forecast, bill of materials, open purchase orders to meet customer demands.

Inventory Simulation Tool

Accurately forecast inventory levels based on daily actual usage from production and customer forecast.

Intelligent Cargo Tracking

One stop portal for container tracking from port to port in real-time and receive updated Estimated Time Arrival (ETA)  with intelligent forecasting.


Procurement Team

Procurement Team

Automatically calculate Open Purchase Orders (POs) accurately via BriVge. Calculations are seamlessly reflected in the order calculation process resulting in time saved and reduction in erroneous entries.

Material Planning

Material Planning Team

Maintain healthy inventory levels, ensure sufficient production output to fulfil customer demand resulting in a streamlined inventory management.

Monitor incoming cargo with better accuracy leading to improved production lead time and overall production cost savings without urgent air shipments.

Warehousing Team

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