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Take Control of Your Supply Chain.

Kickstart your digitalisation journey today!

Struggling with inefficient outdated manual processes, error-prone data management, and lack real-time visibility?


Unleash the untapped potential of your supply chain with the power of digitalisation to optimize your supply chain.

Bridge the gap between existing systems

Enhance collaboration and streamline processes with your customers & suppliers through integrated information flow, to gain full visibility of your supply chain.

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Efficiency, Visibility, Control.

Optimise your operations and elevate your success with BriVge!


Seamless Collaboration on One Platform

Meet customer demand and streamline collaboration with suppliers on a common platform.

Enhanced Business Agility & Efficiency

Respond swiftly to production fluctuations and reduce delays & inefficiencies in your supply chain with our supply chain analytics tools & insights

Real-Time Visibility 

Gain transparency & control of your operations with end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, from order to delivery.

Have a clear visualization of your operational data in real-time

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Simplify, Integrate, Optimise.

Unlock the benefits of an interconnected and streamlined supply chain with BriVge!

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Gain clear visualisation & effectively manage all pending orders, billings and shipment statuses, with real-time data updates, on a single platform.

Gain data-driven insight & calculate optimal order points to reduce safety inventory required, allowing for better cashflow.

Enhance the interoperability of your systems and stay in sync with real-time integrated updates.

Nimbly respond to any delays to mitigate incurrence of potential business costs

Mitigate communication breakdown and save the hassle of multi-logins & manual information input by collaborating & integrating with all your suppliers on a single platform

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