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Optimize your operations and grow your business with our comprehensive solutions.

Leveraging advanced technology and AI capabilities, we offer seamless connection, greater visibility, and meet operational needs in the Industry 4.0 era. Our user-friendly modular solutions cater to client needs, offering a dynamic, scalable, and flexible platform. 

With deep domain expertise and extensive knowledge, as a global trading powerhouse in the automotive industry, BriVge constantly progresses and builds capabilities to provide a one-stop supply chain management (SCM) solution.

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Order, Delivery & Invoice Management

> Order & Delivery Process Management

> Supplier Management

> SKU/Parts Management & Visualization

> Automated Invoice Generation

> Online Communication

Inventory Management

> Demand/Forecast Planning

> Centralized Inventory Monitoring

> Inventory Simulation

Shipment Management

> Intelligent Cargo Tracking

> Real-time ETA predictions

Order Management

Integrate your data sources (internal & external) on BriVge to gain insights on your production and simulate your order process to better understand your production capacity.


Manage orders, delivery & invoices seamlessly, on a single centralized platform

   > Order Planning & Lead Time Management
   > Supplier & SKU/Parts Management
   > SKU/Part Level Order Adjustment & Tracking

   > Order Dashboard Visualization
   > Outbound/Inbound Delivery Planning & Coordination
  > Automated Invoice & Packing List Generation 

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