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BriVge Digital Solutions

One-stop Portal to facilitate your supply chain operations.

BriVge delivers the expertise in supply chain in an agile and flexible manner to help our clients' promptly adapt to capacity shifts, make confident swift decisions and stay resilient. We value the relationships with and between businesses and understand the cruciality of time in this everchanging world.

01 | People

Sharing a common vision of bridging the digital divide in the supply chain, like-minded individuals are dedicated to continuously adapt and innovate promptly to develop functions & minimum viable products, creating a future of nimble and sustainable supply chain together.

02 | Practice

Learning from the best practices of Toyota Production System and adapting the knowledge to help our clients achieve lean manufacturing and attain end-to-end visibility.

03 | Platform

User-friendly modular solutions are developed to cater to our clients’ needs, making BriVge a dynamic, scalable and flexible platform that is capable alone but better when integrated with suppliers and customers. We offer a unique but competitive pricing scheme derived from our clients’ appraised savings.

04 | Progression

Leveraging on advanced technology and AI capabilities, BriVge is constantly progressing and building on capabilities to provide seamless connection, greater visibility and meet operational needs in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) era.

At BriVge, we strive to seamlessly connect businesses and help expand their supply chain digital transformation.

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